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November 23rd, 2011 — 5:56pm
MacTVIsion Official Site

MacTVIsion Official Site

MacTVision enables you to watch television shows, watch your favorite sports game, view live news, as well as stream radio directly from your Mac. MacTVision is user-friendly, and is incredibly less expensive. This Internet-based television features complete episodes of well-known television shows, news and channels, complete length videos, movies, as well as radio streaming. In addition, you will get straight online torrents of sports game, news, network stations, local stations, as well as global media channels. MacTVision also features built-in service with lots of video streams from YouTube, as well as programming from Hulu and Revision3.


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MacTVision provides about 2600 television channels, but that does not imply similar thing as compared with the cable box. Rather, MacTVision accumulates video streaming from a variety of Internet and web sources. For instance, C-SPAN and BBC Three are on special offer, as well as The Daily Show and South Park, each obtains its own outlet moniker. MacTVision does not circulate international limitations on entrée, thus even though The Daily Show is presented worldwide (while this television program is included in the website of the Comedy Central), you should not expect to view the Beeb (another name for the British Broadcasting Corporation or simply BBC) unless you are accessing the Internet in the UK.

MacTVision Official Site

MacTVision Official Site

This product provides several features in order to help you pass through this streaming of video, such as favorite lists and filtering options. You will only simply have to double-click the television program you want to view in order for you to search for its available episodes, then double-click it once more in order to view an episode in a wider window. This comes out in a typical Web-browser video onlooker – the video will emerge at a small size within the web page until you make use of the onscreen controls of the video in order to make it bigger. In addition, MacTVision features updating, searchable, interactive television listings with descriptions and thumbnails.

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The primary positive aspect of MacTVision is for a very inexpensive cost at only $40, you will get every video that is suit to be streamed. However, its shortcoming is that you will not be obtaining anything that you could not discover on your own by means of the Web browser. In simple words, the cost of MacTVision should be considered as a convenience cost instead of an expense for a video quality.

Though the software needs no setup as users will view their favorite television shows in an instant, MacTVision has a settings panel in which advanced users may select options on video display and download suggested, free software.

MacTVision Official Site

MacTVision Official Site

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MacTVision Review

April 2nd, 2011 — 8:51pm



Just a few days ago, I came across an ad of this software, saying MacTVision features full episodes of popular television shows, tons of channels and news, full length movies, videos and even streaming radio.By that time i write an article about it. Ok, this sound amazing, but it seemed to good to be true. As a mac user I’ve never found an application to see online TV in a easy and cheap way. So the first thing that went through my head was “Is MacTVision as good as they say ?” Besides, like anything you buy online, I was a bit skeptical. Both these things were concerning me, so I had to do my research.

Note: If you miss my last post about advices, tips and concerns regarding watch online TV with a Mac have a look !!!

Now, Get the real facts  !

I was really into buying this product as soon as I see the ad. I was traveling in Europe for a couple of months on a new software project, and my favourite TV show was doing a special 100 episode in the next day. So I just thought about downloading MacTVision and see this special episode right away was too good to be real.

Well that day I could finish my work earlier so I spent some hours researching about this product. I wanted to be sure that the image quality was good, that had as lot of channels as they advertised, and I wanted to make sure that MacTVision wasn’t illegal.

After some searches I was happy to know that MacTVision is legal and legitimate, thanks to something called Internet Protocol Television, which allows a lot of users to see local , national and international TV stations all over the world ! The best part, with this protocol you can get channels that your cable operator and satellite TV when combined together cannot provide.

While researching in internet I found some different user reviews who praised the amazing digital HD quality of the channels they watched. On top of that, I read articles of profile technology magazines, like Cnet, Macworld as some examples, that reviewed MacTVision with very high marks.

After I realized this very reputable magazine were talking this software up, I decided that it was definitely worth to take my chances on. Best of all, this product is designed exclusively for Mac and especially for Mac users.


MacTVision Official WebsiteMacTVision Offical Website


Using MacTVision – Is it good ?

I just went to the official page and downloaded the software. For $39.95, it’s less than a month’s service cable.

In 5 minutes from making my payment I was up and running MacTVision. All you have to do it’s download and drag it into the Applications. It couldn’t have been easier. Just one quick software install, no hardware or crazy stuff required

The best part about it was that the product works as advertised. The image was really crisp, the sound was great, it never freeze up or get choppy, very smooth, and there are tons of TV stations. And , best of all, I could see the 100 special episode of my favourite TV show :D

Anything Else ?

Ok, let’s see what we have more … you can watch channels from all over the world, even the ones that you usually can’t get. Supports over 80 areas, including the US, Canada, Japan, Australia, and European Union.So no matter what country’s TV stations you’re looking for, there’s a very good chance they have them. From full length Hollywood and independent movies, live broadcast news and sports channels,local TV and also internet channels… there’s just about everything you could want … And, It’s all in DVD quality too, since it’s in HD digital.

When I realized how good it works and that I’ll never have to pay for cable monthly again, I ask my friends if they knew about it..and you know what ? They didn’t knew about it ! They not even knew that it was possible such a thing from a software. To be honest, I was really surprised that more people have never heard or even try this software. It seems to be that it’s just a question of time before everyone has software like MacTVision instead of a traditional cable plan.


What is MacTVision


Here are just a few of my favourite features about MacTVision:

  • After I paid $39.95 for the software, I have lifetime updates and I never had to pay a dime again.  No hidden costs, no subscription fees
  • I get now more channels that I get on my cable TV plan
  • I canceled my home cable plan. My laptop is running MacTVision and it’s connected to my 50-inch Led TV, and I’m able to watch all this channels in my actual TV. The quality is as good as it would be on a regular HDTV. As a suggestion, I wouldn’t cancel your cable plan until you’ve had at least a few weeks to play around with MacTVision, but I wouldn’t be surprised if you ended up cancelling yours too.
  • It supports over 80 different areas , perfect while you are travelling like myself.


Lots of channels, high quality image and sound, no Catch, No Gimmicks , No Hidden Fees , it just works perfect. Hope you can enjoy yours as much as I’m enjoying mine right now :)

Watch TV Now

Comming Next

Stay tuned because I will , in the next days, post some videos and tutorials to help you using MacTVision, or if you still don’t believe it , see it working :)


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Watch Online TV With a Mac – Must Read

April 2nd, 2011 — 8:55am

So I’m interested in get a software to my Mac to watch online Television. Ok, so I’ve been searching in google about internet Television and online Live TV for Mac and I come across of a lot of advertising and warnings about scams . It seemed interesting to share all my concerns, tips, and advices I get with my research and experiences. So before you buy any of the softwares suitable for this purpose. You Should Really Read This Post.

Why would I need this kind of software ?

My personal best reasons:

  • Prune coasts of TV cable services. If a software that gives me even a better and cheaper service than my cable TV plan, would be good. If I could just don’t need anymore of  TV cable plan, that’d be perfect.
  • See my favorites TV shows while I’m traveling. I travel a lot , because of my work , or even if you just travel sometimes but you don’t want a miss , your favorite TV show , or your favorite football game , you want to be sure you can watch it wherever you are. Also, you don’t want to carry extra hardware to do that job … the best thing would be just using your laptop.
  • Don’t miss nothing, get thousands of channels. At my place there are some international channels that my TV cable plane don’t get it , I also asked some satellite TV providers and they also cannot provide me some international channels … so would be nice to some how have access to all of those channels.

Now, the big question … Is that Possible ?

The good news is Yes it is! The bad news is, there is a lot of products they advertise about it…. So, which one should I get ? Or a better question is, how would I choose the best one for me?

Some tips before you buy an online TV software !

  • First of all , be sure that the product is legal and is not some kind of scam. Some products offer limited access to the channels and may even ask for some hidden fees that can end up you paying a huge amount of money. Thus you need to be wise enough to select the software or service that can offer you lifetime satisfaction.
  • Read careful to be sure that you don’t need to buy any extra dish, hardware , receiver or wiring.
  • It’s important that you can use the product in a vast number of country’s, so you don’t need to worry about while you travelling
  • As a Mac user, it’s recommended that you look for products exclusively designed to Mac so you don’t have any compatibility problem.
  • Straight forward installation and easy to use, so you don’t loose your time and patience just to watch your favorite TV show, the latest news, the your favorite team game or a complete full length movie.
  • You don’t want to get a software that: the picture and the sound are not good,freeze up or get choppy. It’s for watching television so be careful about it, otherwise you’ll not gonna use it.

Coming Next

I’ll do an exclusive complete review of MacTVision, a software for Mac to watch online television in HD quality. If you miss it, have a look of my introducing post about What is MacTVision ?



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MacTVision – What is it ?

April 1st, 2011 — 8:44pm

It’s a software that allows you to see Online Television on your Mac!

MacTVision uses a technology that taps into more than 2,600 channels, full lenght Holywwod and Independent movies, thousands of local TV and Internet channels also, live broadcast news and sports, all over the globe right over the internet. This way you can enjoy the channels that your cable operator and satellite TV when combined together cannot provide. And the Best part is that you just need to pay one time fee that is even less that your ordinary monthly cable charge.

This software is exclusively and specially designed for Mac users. All you require is an internet connection and a computer or laptop, you don’t need to purchase any extra hardware, receiver or wiring. You can see TV right from your desktop anywhere anytime. You can further connect your Mac to the TV set once you have MacTVision.

MacTVision team as worked hard so you don’t have to. They Make it Simple, is traight forward and easy to use, just turn your Mac into an HD entertainment machine.

Have a look at the official page

What is MacTVision


Coming Next

Ok , so after this short Introduction of some of the information I found in internet about  MacTVision I’ll write a guide about online Television for Mac. Advices, information , tips , recommendations and much more … all you should know before you buy some product about internet online live TV digital in HD exclusively for Mac. Stay tuned !



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